Work Experience at BBC R2's Jeremy Vine Show


The latest opportunity to do work  experience at the Jeremy Vine is up for grabs:  Successful applicants will be given 2 weeks of work experience on the show which now has the biggest audience for a current affairs programme on BBC Radio. It has 7.5 million listeners, slightly more than R4's Today Programme. The experience will take place at some point in the New Year. The application window closes on the 29th November.

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Football, football, football


I know, I know. Football isn’t the most interesting subject to read about in a blog post. Not really as important as politics and/or social issues and not nearly as interesting as cultural pieces and/or funny stories. Even I don’t like to talk seriously about football.

Yet after what happened this week, I can’t think about anything else and can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

Because Peru is in the World Cup! We are in the World Cup!

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Minimum alcohol prices, sugar taxes, and regressive progressivism


(This piece was originally published on Backbench UK here, you can find my profile here)

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Disability History Month



The university is running a series of events to mark Disability History Month - take a look and follow the links below for more information.

Below is a message from Student Support and Wellbeing about this.


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Help, I'm killing the planet!


I fly a lot.

Before you get excited about learning “15 Must-Have Packing Tips” or “7 Ways to Cheat TSA into Letting You Bring Peanut Butter Even Though It’s Apparently a Gel” just let that statement sit there for a minute. As the headline of this post may have clued you on to, this is not that kind of post.
This fall, I got an e-mail from my low-cost airline of choice that equally pleased and horrified me.

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Covering Zimbabwe - first lesson is get the names right and find good pundits


Some random thoughts on Zim coverage so far:

Well done Radio 4's Today - amazing mangling of Mnangagwa. Try to get it right, he might be the next President. Still why bother with these silly African names. Poor Journalism and why give  a London-based, uninformed  ZANU-PF stooge so much uninterrupted airtime? It;'s a shame they didn't get a proper expert on Zimbabwe instead of some writer (and formwer Cameron speechwriter) who has just been to Zimbabwe. Plenty of real specialists easily available in UK. Very simplistic and uninformative about what is really going on - the exercise of combined military and political power for control of the ruling party.  Not so much as coup as militarised politics within ZANU-PF.  Contexxt and history is everything in this story

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Attention 2nd Years - NCTJ Essential Journalism exam



The deadline for signing up for December's NCTJ Essential Journalism and press relgulation exams is fast-approaching.

Please check your emails. Nicola will be looking for confirmation that you want to do the exams by Wednesday 15 November. 




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NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs!


Year 2s and MAs - please don't forget that we will be doing a test in this Friday's NCTJ Law classes.  Just  a few short hours of revision time left.......... 

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Who Embittered the "Bitter Taste of Hope"?!


The Bitter Taste of Hope” is the latest book by Stephen Eric Bronner, a Distinguished Professor of the Rutgers University in New Brunswick. It was published in April 2017 by the State University of New York Press.

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