Job Vacancy - Reporter sticky icon

We have been notified of a vacancy for a reporter with the Goole Times/Selby Times.  See attached for information.

Stationers' Foundation Postgraduate Bursary sticky icon

I'm delighted to be able to confirm that students studying for the MA in Multimedia Journalism in 2014/15 will be eligible to apply for a postgraduate bursary funded by the Stationers' Foundation. The foundation is the charitable arm of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers which has been involved in the training and education of entrants to the printing and publishing industries since 1557. The award, which is worth £6,000 plus support and mentoring, will be made on the basis of financial need and academic potential. The Centre for Journalism is proud to be associated with the Stationers' Foundation and to be able to offer this valuable bursary.

Further details of all funding opportunties for Centre for Journalism students are available here.

Colossal cash prizes on offer in first ever Centre for Journalism movie challenge sticky icon


The Centre for Journalism movie challenge invites you make a short film of no more than 3’00" duration. The subject: a student’s-eye view of life in the Centre. We don’t want the details of the degree. We don’t want anything dull, technical or bureaucratic. We want your best depiction of the stuff that makes the Centre’s students unique. What makes studying here fun? What do journalism students do when you are not studying?  Where do you live? What do you eat and drink? Where do you dance, play sport or just relax? We want you to sell the student experience in the Centre for Journalism as colourfully and entertainingly as you can. We’ll use the best films to market and recruit students. So, apart from money (see below) and our undying gratitude, what’s in it for you? Well, it could be the prelude to your first BAFTA, perhaps even the launch of an Oscar-winning career.  We have heard (well, OK, invented) rumours that Vanessa Paradis and Jonny Depp are demanding that their agents secure parts for them.

Money talks, any semblence of integrity in US politics walks

Americans love free speech. We really do. 

As bumper stickers fused to two-thirds of pickup trucks in USA once said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Nothing thrills us more than exercising our First Amendment rights, except maybe arguing about Second Amendment rights.

But has that obsession begun to infringe on other integral, "inalienable" rights?

Congratulations on excellent NCTJ law results!

Congratulations to the  twenty-three Year 2 and MA students who passed last month's NCTJ Court Reporting exam. We had almost a clean sweep of passes with 12 peple gaining Grade A. Special mention to Stine Wannebo and Jasmin Sahota who, with 87%, are now joint holders of the highest- ever mark by a CfJ student in an NCTJ law exam (sorry Jem!). Very well done to all.

Shorthand Classes Summer Term

Shorthand classes will continue across all year groups during the Summer term. Year 1 will be one combined group.  The rooms, however, will be different as indicated below and will all be in the Drill Hall Library

Year 1 room DA 101

Year 2 room DA 114

MA room DA 114




Consistency is the key

It has been argued for many years that referees need to be more consistent and yet only goal line technology has been forthcoming.

Last night's Premier League fixture between Arsenal and West Ham United demonstrated yet another problem with referees - they fail to give penalties if players stay on their feet.

So, how long until 11-year-old mothers become the norm?

Today millions of children across the UK are playing out in the sunshine enjoying the last week of their Easter holidays. But one pair of children remain in a hospital room welcoming their new-born into the world. This is no gift, no miracle and no blessing. It is wrong and should never have been allowed to happen.

Food for thought - Do we really care what is in our food?

Who thought that something as simple as sitting down to a meal could in fact be so complicated? 

There are so many things to consider - getting the right portions of fat, carbs and protein, no extra salt, and now, as University College London pointed out, we actuallly need between 7 and 10 portions of veg a day for a healthy diet.

The Halal, Haram Debate....Again!

France’s National Front Party leader, Marine Le Pen said on Friday she wants to ban pork-free lunches at school. She said having halal and kosher foods contradict the country’s secular values.

And this is just another incident of people not being over the whole kosher, halal, haram concepts.