One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi: Modern day racism in the Deep South



In late August I was in Natchez, Mississippi, an overnight stop between Memphis and New Orleans, at the end of a three week road trip across some of the Southern US states. My family and I returned from dinner to a mostly vacant hotel, entering through the bar, where a large group of African-American people celebrating some occasion sat around a table enjoying their evening. Tired from a day of driving, I went straight up to bed. However, my 70-year-old grandfather, a fan of the three Ws (whisky, Westerns and Willie Nelson) and on his first real overseas holiday stayed at the bar to indulge in a nightcap.


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Voxpops, links, and approaching strangers outside Asda


I entitled my last post, 'thrown in the not so deep end'. Well, it turns out that the pool is actually quite deep! Here I am, after ten course days, feeling as though I've packed a whole undergraduate year's worth of learning into that short time, and yet I've remembered nearly everything. I think most others feel the same way. We've only had ten days of shorthand instruction, and we can all now write basic sentences. What an exclusive skill to have, an alien code that only someone who is 'one of us' can read!

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It's newsday time! Follow Kent Echo News


It's that time of year again for our third year students to run their own publication. This time around they are producing a 24 page newspaper and running a website alongside it. Read their coverage on the Kent Echo News website or follow them on Twitter @KentEchoNews, Facebook or on Instagram @KentEchoNews

You can also get an exclusive behind the scenes peek into their newsroom by watching the video below.

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How I became obsessed with a BNP parliamentary candidate


Before the 2017 general election, my girlfriend’s Dad and I were explaining to her the basics of political elections. The Essex county council elections were coming up and we were looking at the candidates for our ward. One of the BNP candidates was a man called Paul Borg, who lived about a 5 minute drive away from me. Not much was said about him at the time apart from his ridiculous name. The local elections came and went and my ward produced both a Conservative councillor and a Labour councillor. Paul Borg was unsuccessful in his efforts.

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Join us for an interesting chat on data visualisation


Chris Applegate, who works in data visualisation at Buzzfeed UK is coming to give a chat about working with data, interactive storytelling and visualisation. Come join us in the main newsroom at 1pm.He helped to develop this incredible story about the 7/7 bombings and many more. 

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Important message - Year 2s


All Year 2s NOT going on the court visit tomorrow please note there will be NO NCTJ law session. We will resume next Friday.  

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Study of British media coverage of Cecil the Lion

Coming soon on Kindle at Amazon:
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International student adviser - week beginning 8th October



  Lesley will be away on a family matter all next  week but will be in the following week.

In the meantime, Ju and Laerke will be around if you need any help.

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International student adviser this week



  This week I will be on campus on Wednesday. Please do  call in if you would like to have a chat.


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CFJ Kit return.


The deadline below has passed.

Failure to return your overdue kit by 3.30pm today (thursday 5th Oct 2017) will result in an increased penalty and the withdrawl of permission to use CFJ kit in future. No exceptions.


All students:-

Please return all overdue kit on monday 2nd october after 10am.

Please charge up both batteries in video kits and make certain your gear is clean, tidy and complete.

Please report any faults, breakages or lost items before I inspect the kits.

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