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Year 3 project marks


Marks and feedback sheets for Year 3 projects will be available from Anastasia's office from tomorrow morning.

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If motorsport is dangerous, then why do we watch it?


The weekend before last, I travelled to Donington Park with my dad for a spot of motor racing. More specifically we were watching the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and the other minor competitions that were acting as support races.


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Mercury in retrograde: astronomers vs. astrologists


If you aren’t into astrology the way I am, you may not quite understand why you hear someone scream “oh no, Mercury is in retrograde again!” - looking as though they fear for their own existence.

We have been in retrograde since April 9th and will be until May 3rd, this isn’t the first time we’ll have a Mercury in retrograde period this year either.

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Gayle Storm


A thick outside edge off 23-year-old Indian bowler Basil Thampi down to third man, and a nonchalantly trotted single. An anticlimactic way to become the first batsman to reach 10,000 runs in Twenty20 cricket, but there you go. Maybe it was nerves. He hit the next ball he faced off the same bowler over mid-off for six. That’s much more like it.

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Court Reporting successes!


Congratulations to the many CfJ students who passed last month's NCTJ Court Reporting exam. Once again we had a pass rate of over 90% which is a terrific testament to the hard work you all put in over a very short time-scale. Lara Elcheik was top scorer with a stonking 86% with Elaine Loke and Charlotte Wardley also hitting the dizzy heights of the 80s. Well done all.  


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As Washington goes nuclear, what happens next


On November 21 2013, US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of the Democratic Party stood on the Senate floor and said: "The American people believe Congress is broken. The American people believe the Senate is broken.

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It's not subject to places or people: Terrorism is Terrorism.


I didn’t believe my mum when first told me she had booked a holiday to Egypt. This is the lady who was worried when I got a job at Bluewater because she thinks there is bound to be a terrorist attack there. She doesn’t want me going to London, or even to an airport because of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘maybes’. I never listen to her of course, because I don’t live around the what ifs, but I don’t think I’d be as brave as to pack my belongings and head off the Egypt, a religiously divided country, with conflict just around the corner.

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Spicy's bad days at the office


After a week of US public relations triumphs courtesy of Pepsi and United Airlines, The White House didn’t want to feel left out. In his latest press briefing Sean Spicer proved just how competent he, sorry, Melissa McCarthy is. No, the outstandingly competent White House press secretary didn't get (too) angry at reporters and throw things, or chew copious amounts of gum, as his satirised counterpart does.

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Train Etiquette


I don’t frequent trains, in fact I avoid them due to the fact I want to keep the money I earn rather than waste it all on extortionate fares. Yet, a good thing about trains, or more accurately the weird thing, is that I learn something new every time I get onto one. This is not because I read a different text book every time I travel to expand my general knowledge, as much as maybe I should.

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