An odd sleep-deprived ramble about my favourite painting


Is it possible to write about art without sounding pompous? That’s a genuine question.

I’ve written this intro about twelve-hundred times (well I’ve got time for it now) and I just end up writing in Tory. I always sound a bit like Boris Johnson explaining the artistry of building models out of matchsticks, although I don’t have the gorgeous blonde locks for that… not yet anyway.

Please social media warriors, don’t target civilians

There is often a tendency for people to direct their energies towards the most visible issues, rather than the ones that stand to cause the greatest impact. People also have a tendency towards vilifying easy targets and thereby signalling their own piety to whatever audience they might have.

Cabin Fever… is it real?

Like many of us during this difficult period, with COVID-19 engulfing every media platform and every thought, the overwhelming claustrophobia after almost two weeks inside is becoming unbearable. Many daytime TV shows are coming up with new inventive ways to stay entertained in the confinement of your own home – colouring, baking, learning a new skill? All of this sounds very exciting… doesn’t it? Or at least it would, if anyone had even a glimmer of motivation.