Things I was unprepared for when I started university


Three in five students are sexually assaulted or harassed at university according to a poll carried out by campaign group Revolt Sexual Assault and The student room. Your reaction to the figure depends on who is reading it, and if you are a girl who is living, or has lived at Liberty Quays, it is safe to say it will not be surprise.

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IMPORTANT: CFJ Kit returns and requests.


Please return all kit that is due (or, if overdue - with your penalty) by 4pm tomorrow 4th April to Gerardo.

If you require kit during the period from 4th to 17th april please request and collect it today or tomorrow (3rd, 4th) as the kit room will be closed until 17th April.

If you currently have kit checked out which is due to be returned after 4th april, I will accept it without penalty upon my return on 17th april (no later).

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Men are from Earth and Women are from Earth - Observations from a house full of guys


In 1992, American author and relationship counselor John Gray published his book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships”. In it, he hypothesized that men and women were not only physically but also psychologically different. So different, in fact, that they were basically from different planets.

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Why it's important to talk about acne

I’m not going to lie; this is not an easy subject to talk about.  
However, I know that so many people feel the same way and would maybe even find it really helpful. So, here is my experience with acne.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve never had clear skin. The second I hit puberty, my face went: ‘oh, guess it is time to start messing everything up now for you’. On top of the pressure of being a hormonal angry teenager and going through high school, I had the constant worry of my skin not being as perfect everyone else’s.
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How cooking helped with my anxiety

I see a lot of talks about anxiety and depression on social media but few people actually give you any solution. I know sharing your experience helps, as well as a healthy lifestyle, a good sleep pattern, and ultimately regular visits to the therapist. Something that really helped me though was taking time to cook. Notice that I used "helped" in the title and not "overcome" or "cured" because I'm still struggling with anxiety, I'm not a guru but I can advise you a thing or two. Here's how cooking helped me:
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Kidney trade: a deal in price of life


Kidney donation is a common concept to the world, taking place in 91 countries, according to World Health Organization (WHO). However, Iran is the only country where selling a kidney is legal.

We may have joked about having to sell an organ to emphasize our broke-ness, but I doubt any of us has ever meant it. I know I didn’t. Growing up, act of selling a kidney for money wasn’t a common topic but I have come across it, in movies or books until five years ago that I decided to go “undercover” and find out more about it.

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How to travel smart and stress-free


People who know me are aware of my passion for travelling. This year only I’ve been constantly on a plane, or a train, or a bus…well you got the pattern. More stamps I’ve been getting in my passport, more tips for a good travelling I’ve discovered. I really want to share my personal experience with those of you who are constantly seeking for adventures and love travelling as much as I do. 

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Did you really think Facebook would keep your data safe?


Recent groundbreaking information has come to light, claiming that a San Francisco silicon valley company was not acting as a beacon of corporate responsibility and integrity. Why has this been a surprise to so many?

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So I'm missing Easter for the first time


I always knew that coming to university would change my life. It represented a lot of firsts for me: the first time I’d ever had to cook for myself, the first time I’d ever had to do my own washing, the first time I have ever had to change my bed sheets (for those of you still struggling with this challenge, here’s a handy guide). But it never occurred to me that I may miss out on family traditions.

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This blog post will definitely not be considered ‘news’, as it happened almost a year ago. But this is the first time I feel completely comfortable in talking (better, writing), about anxiety. To be honest, while I wrote this, I felt my hands cold sweating and my throat starting to close. But don’t worry, I’m fine now. No casualties. 
Oh well, how should I start? IT SUCKS. That’s probably the best way to describe my anxiety. I never thought I would suffer from it until I spent seven months in a Foundation Programme before starting university. 
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