Liverpool Echo's news geotagging experiment

Liverpool Echo mapThe Liverpool Echo has a cool experiment on its web site that's worth a look. Although there are several big papers in the US with advanced projects along these lines, this one of the first efforts by a daily UK newspaper at mapping news stories to help readers easily identify the ones that are most geographically pertinent to them. It's very slow to load, but does see to work.

Another new dawn for epaper

Cruise Minority ReportCentre for Journalism undergrads may remember that snippet from the Tom Cruise film Minority Report that I showed them in week one's first lecture. Cruise is a cop on the run from his own police force in the year 2054 and jumps on a tube train. The guy sitting opposite is reading a copy of USA Today, whose splash suddenly updates in front of his eyes to reveal the Cop On the Run story, complete with pictures of the fugitive...

Cancer Funding Debate...

Reading through the blogs, I noticed that the entries have been dominated by football news, chart entries and random spells of intellectual reckoning [all of which coming from the boys!] so this is one from the girls, but an open debate for all. This blog leads on from the point raised today regarding the funding going into various types of cancer...


Pink notches number one spot

PINK is the new number one on the UK Singles Chart this week, with her new song So What.

The American artist had been tipped by the media alongside Oasis and their new song The Shock Of Lightning - which reached number three - to top the charts. So What becomes Pink's third UK number one and promotes her new album Funhouse, which is released in the UK on October 24th.