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Moral relativism versus universal morality


The sin of moral relativism should not be underestimated.

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Watch out for the echo chambers


The lengths to which people will go to 'win' an argument can be truly frightening. Ego and self-preservation often prevail over honesty and common sense, as we fight to be right.

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The backlash makes fools out of us all


Rational and balanced opinions are scarce in comments sections across social media platforms. When Cathy Newman's interview with Jordan Peterson hit the broad light of...internet, it was considered a flop rivalling The Room, or Sharknado. After Theresa May's speech yesterday, a real improvement on her previous excursions into Britain's post-EU future in terms of detail, responses from people I don't even think of as 'internet trolls' were dangerously selective in their attempts to criticise her leadership.

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Making a promise we can't keep? Protecting our sources


The prospect of becoming a journalist was far more exciting before I discovered the series of grave threats posed to the profession by the English law on protecting journalists' confidential sources.

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