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The reality of racism, and the curse of the echo chamber


At the start of the year I made a vow to myself to lose weight. Two months have passed and the failure to do so was as sad as it was predictable. But if I’m anything, I’m resilient. So earlier today I took a trip into Chatham’s high street and made to my way to Poundworld to rinse their supply of cherry Tango. You see cherry Tango has a surprisingly low calorie count for such a delicious carbonated drink at 33 calories for a 330ml can. Compare that to the 139 calories in a can of Coca Cola and the benefit of cherry Tango to my diet becomes clear.

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2016 Wipe: A triumphant end to Brooker's year


Despite 2016 being a notoriously dire year in terms of global events, it will be a year Charlie Brooker will remember fondly. His science-fiction Netflix series Black Mirror released a third season in November to critical acclaim, achieving a 93% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With the first two seasons being broadcast on Channel 4, the show wasn’t widely known outside of the UK.

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