How do I feel about China really?

As you can gather, I am Chinese, but I might not be entirely Chinese, judging by the fact that Hong Kong is desperately trying to get away from the doom of being part of China, the line between being a Chinese and a Hong Konger has never been clearer.

But that country is where I spent the first 12 years of my life, where all my childhood memories are and where all my family still lives. So deep down, no matter how twisted this country is, it is still my country.

One dance, One decade

2019 is right upon us, for me, it just reminds me of the fact that it has been ten years since Chinese dance came into my life.

Almost one decade ago, I first set my foot into the dancing school in Hunan, China. My path was originally planned to stick to dancing, which was my greatest passion back then, but the intention of being a dancer was intercepted 3 years later. Ever since then, Chinese dancing and I have grown further and further apart. 

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