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Bangladesh: Forty Years Wasted


Bangladesh won independence over 40 years ago now. You would expect the country to be developing in some way.

It is feared that the country will be under water because of flooding and global warming but I would say the country has already drowned.

It angers me so much! The political parties are extremely corrupted, seemingly only caring about their own wealth and fame.

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Social Media and Power


It seems the power of social media has been recognised, at least, by the reality television sector.

A few weeks ago, when The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent started, my friend and I commented on how clever it was of the producers to introduce hashtags every so often to actively engage the audience.

To be honest, we should have seen this coming. Social media provides so much free advertising and publicity, it’s no wonder that it is being manipulated for the producers and broadcasters’ own gain.

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ME. A fight with your body.



Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. A chronic illness, often referred to as the ‘invisible illness’ or ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ (CFS), ME is a neurological condition, classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which affects the body’s nervous system. This description is countlessly argued though.

Even in this day and age, medical experts cannot seem to decide if ME is a physical disorder which limits a person’s body or a psychological condition which is best treated with exercise. Usually, the exercise tends to worsen the person’s condition.

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Help me with my multimedia project!


I'm doing a study on how life has changed because of 9/11.. This study is slightly different, it's not a normal questionnaire type but will be using video/audio and picture.. I'd like everyone's take on this; English, Muslim, Sikh, Christian - all! 

Examples include:
- the stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists
- higher security at airports
- the branding of Sikhs as Muslims terrorists because they wear a turban. 

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Wealthy nation?!


SO, America is meant to be this great nation where all your dreams come true... 

Then why is this little six year old being fed rats?! This is sooooo sad!


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Death of Last Known World War I Veteran


It can be called an end of an era, I suppose; World War I stories will be never be told first hand again.

Its actually really sad that this matter hasn't been publicised as much as other things.

I mean, you have Charles Dickens, a great author dead for 200 years, being celebrated, but more recent news is being overshadowed? Florence Green died on Saturday night and it's only come to light three days later?

These people did so much for the country we live in, surely she should have got a bit more recognition?

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Vampires Exist?


Ahh, my first post! The excitement!


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