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Help, I'm killing the planet!


I fly a lot.

Before you get excited about learning “15 Must-Have Packing Tips” or “7 Ways to Cheat TSA into Letting You Bring Peanut Butter Even Though It’s Apparently a Gel” just let that statement sit there for a minute. As the headline of this post may have clued you on to, this is not that kind of post.
This fall, I got an e-mail from my low-cost airline of choice that equally pleased and horrified me.

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"You look like Mulan" and other adoption tales


Buzzfeed's "I'm Adopted but I'm Not..." video

In 1995, Denmark was approved to receive international adoptees from China. In the summer of 1996, a round-headed 9-month-old Chinese girl crossed the Danish border for the first time. My name is Lærke, and I am adopted from China.

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Home is where the heart and/or mind and/or soul is


Like many people the world over I started my Christmas break on a plane. After a few days in London, I was heading back to Denmark to spend Christmas with my family. A week later, I was on another plane. This time to Austria to take up my winter job as a ski instructor. 20 days later, and I am once again in an airport. This time heading to England to continue my studies. As my Austrian colleagues asked me whether I was heading home, I nodded and then shrugged. Actually, I do not really know.

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