The Met Retreats?

The Crown Prosescution Service has persuaded the Met Police not to use the Official Secrets Act to pursue Amelia Hill, the newspaper's reporter who disclosed that Milly Dowler's phone had been hacked. It is not yet clear that the Met will abandon its pursuit of Hill entirely. Readers will remember that police investigating phone hacking were  seeking an order under the Official Secrets Act to oblige Guardian journalists to disclose the identity of  sources who gave them information about the scandal. Geoffrey Robertson QC said  "If the journalists are jailed, it will be an ironic tribute to the stupidity of Scotland Yard: a police service that fails to investigate criminal hackers and puts in jail the journalists who exposed them."  The press has been unanimous in its condemnation of the Met's approach with ideological rivals including the Daily Mail wading in to support the Guardian. But this may not be over yet. Continue to watch, read and debate.