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My television rollercoaster


So, I was going to write this blog post almost a month ago when the John Lewis advert first came out, but, you know, things happen, deadlines approached… ok no I just couldn’t be bothered. However! I have found the time today in between writing my essay and organising interviews for my TV package to sit down and actually write.

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Why grammar schools are a good idea


Britain’s grammar schools are shining examples of what children can aspire to achieve and work towards. Yet there are people out there who wholeheartedly disagree with the very concept of them, and that’s fine, but I feel it’s my duty to defend the way I was educated.

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Why do I do it to myself?


Now that we are four days into the new year it seems only right that I dampen the mood and bring people’s high spirits back down to Earth. For many, the new year is a new start. “New Year, New Me” may well be the most commonly and in fact, incorrectly used phrase in the history of the English language. Why does the new year mean you will be any more motivated to succeed than you were last year? As an Arsenal fan, I know that this is folly.

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