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Year 2 - NCTJ Law for Valentine's Day


As we've already lost one session due to exams and I'm not in on February 15th, an extra NCTJ LAW - COURT REPORTING - SESSION has been arranged. Your Valentine's Day present is a law session from 1100 - 1300 in Room G4-03 on Thursday February 14th.  

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Year 2s - Voice Training


There will, of course, be no voice training this Friday due to your Newsday. A new voice training rota will be posted on the newsroom door very soon - please ensure you check when your session is due.

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Please note that because of Friday's Newsday, the usual Friday NCTJ law session will now be on THURSDAY JAN 31ST FROM 1100 - 1300 IN ROOM G4-03. This is for all Year 2s who are taking Court Reporting. As most of you had an exam last Friday, this will be the first session of your new syllabus so it's really important that you attend.

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NCTJ law January 18th


Year 2s and MAs - please bring with you on Friday the test EML paper I gave you for your revision. It's the one from January 24th 2011. We'll be going through that paper - and focussing on any other areas in which you feel you need more help. JOSH MORL AND DECLAN OLLEY - don't forget it's your day for voice training.

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NCTJ Law exams in January - important info Part 2


As we've discussed all term, the NCTJ Essential Media Law exam for Year 2s and MAs will take place on January 23rd 2013. You MUST see Anastasia to register - and pay -  for this exam by FRIDAY. There is a three-week run-in period so by the time you return in January it will be too late.  This also applies to any YEAR 3s who plan to re-sit either EML or Court Reporting in January.

And in case my last blog was a bit ambiguous - I WILL be doing a Year 2 law session this Friday morning for anybody who's not taking the shorthand exam! Xmas sweeties provided........

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Important info on NCTJ Law for Year 2 and MA.


I have posted on the website an Essential Media Law test paper for you to work through. As many Year 2s will be doing a shorthand exam on Friday and missing this term's final session please regard this as your holiday revision work. Feel free to e-mail answers to me during the holiday and I'll give feedback if I possibly can. AND PLEASE NOTE I've also posted an updated revision "hit list". Those of you who took a hard copy last Friday please replace it with the one on the website. We will have a final revision session on Friday January 18th.

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NCTJ law sessions November 16th


Attention Year 2s and MAs. Tomorrow's NCTJ law sessions ARE running. The marking workshop I was due to attend has been postponed - so it's business as usual.

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NCTJ Law Year 2


Those Year 2s who didn't attend this morning's NCTJ law session, please note there will be a test in next Friday's session (Nov 2nd). It's a knowledge-based test to be conducted and marked in class. Revision needed! 

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Congratulations again!


Congratulations to the many Year 2 and MA students who were successful in last week's NCTJ law exams. Two-thirds of the papers gained pass marks - a really excellent achievement. Special mentions must go to Peter Brown and Claire Burke who both gained A grades - but all who passed worked really hard. Well done! 

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Congratulations to the 13 students who were successful in the April NCTJ Law exams - there were some excellent results and some really pleasing examples of how you CAN make it through if you really get stuck in to the work! Special mention goes to those who achieved A grades - Joe Downes, Nick Guttridge, Lizzie Massey and James Warner. But a big well done to all who passed - it was two-thirds of the entries which is a great result for an NCTJ exam.    

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