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Viva Las Vegas? Sport in Sin City is risky


The United States does sport differently to how we do here in the U.K, or even Europe. It manifests as an entertainment product in its purest form, it thrives on not only the sport itself but rather those that play it and how they live. Driven by commercialism the ‘big 4’ sports in North America as they’ve come to be known have been regularly criticized over the years for varying reasons.

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The 1996 Bulls or the 2016 Warriors?


Former Chicago Bulls hall of famer Scottie Pippen recently claimed that the famous 1996 side he was a part of could sweep todays Golden State Warriors in a play-off series.

Now usually it’s an exercise in futility to compare sportsmen/teams from different time-periods, to put it in perspective, people never imagine Pele playing in today’s footballing world because he would likely struggle a bit.

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Oscar is still white


This past week the Oscar nominations were announced amongst a storm of controversy, Social media, Twitter in particular, united and erupted with anger and frustration as the names came in.

Myself included for two reasons, Firstly I couldn’t fathom how Charlize Theron was left out of the best supporting actress category for her role in ‘Mad Max Fury Road’ also the decision to pick Alicia Vikander’s performance in ‘The Danish Girl’ over her role in ‘Ex Machina’ was baffling. The second reason was the one that I shared with others.

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