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    Don’t despair.  Let’s put a bit of journalistic spin on it. You’ve clearly demonstrated at least half-a -dozen hard-earned attributes of hard-bitten hacks. 

    Never-say-die tenacity;

    Courage to go back again…and again…and again…

    Skin thick enough to fend off smirks and sneers, disbelief and incredulity;

    Ingenuity - to turn a disaster into, well, something;

    Desire to meet a deadline (or fear of the consequences of failing to do so);

    Ability to turn a bit of a disaster into a tremendous read.

    And I thought it was great. 

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    You tell your story well, Isabella. But look on the bright side. We all have to learn how to use the kit properly and now is exactly the right time to do it. Make the mistakes now and you won't make them later. I once had to return shamefaced to interview a government minister for thesecond time because I'd left the pause button on throughout my first attempt. The initial interview - which I didn't record - was very good and twenty minutes long. The second version was brief, curt and enitrely unremarkable. I didn't make that mistake again.     

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    Well L.B. I like your autobiographical tale of woe. You get top marks for enthusiam, dedication in the face of adversity and perserverance. You also did manage to produce some great (albeit silent) footage! Better luck next time - and come and borrow the gear again. Practice makes ......well, you know ;-)


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    hahah this is so good, the pictures are brilliant x


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    You were a big game player Ian! And more goals than Ronaldo, that's what counts!