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  • Congratulations to Clarissa Place   3 days 26 min ago

    Well done Clarissa! I'm so pleased for you - especially as it means you'll be coming to live in the best county there is ;)

    Exeter is a lovely place too, you'll love it! 

  • The Tiananmen Massacre: a Hong Kong girl's view   1 week 18 hours ago

    This is a brave and powerful piece, Emily - and even more relevant in light of the new pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.  I salute and share your commitment to openness, honesty and democracy. Good luck. 

  • Congratulations to Laura Griffiths   1 week 22 hours ago

    Thank you everyone :) Haha of course Jem 

  • Congratulations to Laura Griffiths   1 week 1 day ago

    Go on, Laura!!!!! Gerardo :-)

  • Congratulations to Laura Griffiths   1 week 2 days ago

    Congrats Laura! That's awesome and I'm so pleased for you!

    Let us know when you find something and then we can all have a housewarming ;)

  • Reporting & Writing revision sessions   4 weeks 2 days ago

    I checked the date against uni exams, but forgot to check the NCTJ one. Sorry. I've emailed everyone the slides I was going to use in today's session... I will completely understand if you have other priorities this morning!

  • The Medwire needs you: Save Essentials   5 weeks 1 hour ago

    Perhaps you should point out that £9000 a year is also pretty non-economically viable

  • Reporting & Writing revision sessions   5 weeks 1 day ago

    Sounds good. But, on the 10th the most of us have our public affairs exam!

  • BA year 2 portfolio/blog/conference pitch mark sheets   5 weeks 4 days ago

    I am not in Kent any more, will these be available to view online soon as well?

  • BA year 2 portfolio/blog/conference pitch mark sheets   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Is there any chance of the marks being put on SDS? I know a few people are going home this weekend.

  • South China Morning Post Internship Opportunities   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Sure - my email is

    I was based in Tai Po too :p the commute was a killer but the work and the people are more fun ;)

  • NCTJ Portfolio deadline   6 weeks 5 days ago

    Do you know when the MA NCTJ Portfolio deadline is?

  • Sick to death of health reportage   7 weeks 5 days ago
  • South China Morning Post Internship Opportunities   8 weeks 6 days ago

    I will be based in Tai Po! Even though I much prefer Causeway bay haha 

    Where were you based in? 

    I'm from HK so I know the city pretty well! Do you mind giving me your email? Perhaps we could chat there instead? :)

  • Heroin doesn't make Peaches Geldof's death less tragic - but it does make it selfish.   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Here here Rik

  • Heroin doesn't make Peaches Geldof's death less tragic - but it does make it selfish.   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Without trying to sound like a bleeding heart, addiction is a disease. A disease she suffered from for a long time, probably before she even had children. It probably broke her heart that she couldn't overcome her disease for the benefit of her children.

    People taking heroin know in the back of their minds that it's tantamount to a death sentence and are never in a mentally stable state when they first turn to it.

    In such tragic times, it might be better to sympathise than judge.

  • South China Morning Post Internship Opportunities   10 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi there! I am so sorry I don't really go on the cfj website so often anymore! 

    Firstly, congratulations! Do you know if you will be based in the Tai Po Market or Causeway Bay office? How well do you know Hong Kong? 

  • So, how long until 11-year-old mothers become the norm?   11 weeks 6 days ago

    It really isn't up to scratch, I started an e-petition yesterday to try and alter what is taught in the national curriculum in terms of sex education. I'm teaming up with PinupPayback who are a feminist organisation in the area who are already going into schools and educating young people about sex, rape and pornography; so hopefully we can try and get some attention to it locally! 

    My sister is nine and came home after her first sex education class, explaining to me how she now understands that when a woman is ready to have a baby she goes to the hospital to pick it up! 


  • Congratulations on excellent NCTJ law results!   11 weeks 6 days ago

    Well I guess I was going to have to concede my title at somepoint ;)

    Congrats to you all and well done!

  • So, how long until 11-year-old mothers become the norm?   12 weeks 17 hours ago


    Granny is only 27, so presumably the girl is following  family tradition.

    Talking of sex education, I am still traumatised from 10 years ago when I had to attend 4 days of staff training at a college of education where  I was employed.   One of the sessions in this 4 day waste-of-a-precious-Easter-break included a sex education lesson that could be taught to our students .   As this was a college of further education where  most students would be over 16, my first thoughts were “what could we possibly teach them that they don’t already know?”

    As it turns out, absolutely nothing but confusion and embarrassment.  Picture the scene,  thirty or so teachers, some new to the profession, others, like myself with years of experience, put into 3 groups.  Members of two of the groups were asked, well actually told quite emphatically, to wear either a red or a green baseball cap. They were peculiarly fond of baseball caps on this course – we were ordered to wear them several times during the week when we were pretending to be students.

    There was no room for negotiation with these particular trainers.  Presumably they had developed this autocratic style of teaching, whilst trying to convince their trainees that they needed to be more learner-centred in their own classes, because of the reluctance of the said trainees to engage in such nonsense.

    One poor individual had to stand in the middle of the room, while the third (hatless) group joined hands around her.  Those with the green baseball caps were asked to  stand in two lines facing each other and form a corridor which lead to those aforementioned grown men and women who looked for all the world like they were playing the saddest ever game of ring-a-ring-a-rosy.   The red baseball cap wearers were then asked to go outside of the room and await further instruction.  Those of us left in the room were told that when they came back into the room, they would run down the human corridor and break the circle to reach the person standing in the middle.  Those holding hands must try to stop them gaining access to the person in the middle. 

    While the trainer went out of the room to instruct the others on what they had to do, one of the teachers was heard to mutter “for God’s sake let’s just get this over and done with quickly” - a sentiment that her colleagues were more than happy to agree with. 

    When the, mostly middle aged, baseball cap wearers came into the room, giving a rather lacklustre interpretation  of how sperm perform (for that is what they were supposed to be) and ran through the human corridor (which was, yes you have guessed it, supposed to be the vagina) with some half-hearted noises that they had been instructed to make to show how aggressive these dastardly little sperms are, they met very little resistance from the human ring and the first one got through the barrier and met up with the teacher in the middle. 

    We all breathed a sigh of relief and the trainer congratulated us on having demonstrated how to teach using the brilliant technique of “whole body learning”.  I would have thought that youngsters could suggest a much better way of using their whole bodies to learn this particular subject. Whole body?  Excruciatingly embarrassing load of nonsense that did nothing that could not be illustrated much more effectively with a whiteboard and a marker pen.   If this is what passes for sex education, no wonder 12 year olds are getting preggers!






  • Yr1 TV assessment deadline   13 weeks 2 days ago

    Basically what Sarah said. You're not supposed to do a piece to camera, which means you being filmed talking to the camera. You learn how to do that properly in second year.

    Instead you record links on an edirol and put them over video of whatever your story is.

  • Yr1 TV assessment deadline   13 weeks 2 days ago

    Meaning you shouldn't shoot yourself looking directly down the camera, presenting. Instead we need to record the voice over on an ediroll and put that onto final cut (like how we did for radio). Hope that makes sense :)

  • Yr1 TV assessment deadline   13 weeks 3 days ago

     What does this even mean?! 

    1) It should not have both a piece to camera? 
    2) It should use VO?
    Confused is not the word.


  • South China Morning Post Internship Opportunities   14 weeks 22 hours ago

    Hi Jemma, I just received an offer from SCMP and am delighted to know I will be one of their interns this summer! :) Can you please tell me more about your experience there? 

  • Parliament and Sky News trip - March 4   19 weeks 4 days ago

    I can't give a specific end time, but I'd guess at around 1ish. You should be able to make it back by 3pm, if that's any help.