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    Well they just continue to examine the condom curiously.  loool

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    But that doesn't make what you've written immediately helpful. I think you've brought a gargantuan issue to light that needs to be addressed, and I know my colleagues and I in Year 2 have been feeling the brunt of it for a while now.

    I think my experience at the CFJ has proven a hypothesis I've held for a long time, about the symbiotic nature of sacrifice, suffering, and growth. I've known for some months now that I'm not cut out for this course. In fact, I don't think anyone studying here is, but maybe that's the point.

    We're taking on a challenge (with a very real risk of abject failure) by taking a course that doesn't necessarily cater to our strengths and interests. Some of us would be much happier if we were rewarded for studying to be bloggers, feature writers, photo-journalists, and PR representatives. We would be content.

    But contentment is the death of ambition, and ambition is second only to fear as the strongest motivator for growth in human beings. By throwing ourselves into the unknown, where we are least safe and most afraid, our potential for growth is limited only by our own resolution to keep swimming through the wine-dark sea of anxiety and pain.

    This course is a hulking golem that we need to beat into submission. If doing this hurts, good. Get angry, kill the damn thing, and make a necklace out of its teeth. Only when we've beaten it at its own game can we truly say that we've grown from the experience.

    Then, we can rest on our laurels for a while, and enjoy the progress we've made by completing a course as bloody difficult as this one, before we choose our next fight.

    We're not cut out for this course, but we can be.

    (PS: I'm sorry if that got a tad aggressive, I'm very stressed at the moment. I think we all are. Your blog post is excellent, and it's made my day knowing that an MA student is feeling the heat like we are. MERRY CHRISTMAS! By God, we've earnt it.)

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    Have a word with my agent. If you can afford my buyout clause, I'll listen to offers...

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    What on Earth is a 'Kante'?