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    Love this! I got the album :)

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    I completely agree with you. I just think there's a slight misunderstanding in my style of writing and your understanding.Thank you for your feedback. All that I wanted to say, you have said it with more clarity which I shall try to do from next post onwards, without being sarcastic. Also, I didn't mean we shoud accept homophobia rather, my last point was about accepting LGBT community. And I have never said homophobia is a natural quality. All I am saying is that younger generation must be given the right type of upbringing and education so that they accept LGBT community naturally.

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    Identify a story that can justify at least four appearances on Sky News between 0600 and 2200 on a real day in 2017.Your story will be strong enough to justify equal or greater coverage on; on Sky News mobile apps and on Sky News Radio. You should identify precisely what subscribers will see, read and hear on each service. In your submission you should describe the story, explain why it is suitable and provide a clear and detailed schedule of coverage on each outlet  

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    I'm sorry but I completely disagree that being homophobic is a quality you have 'by nature'. That's the same as saying that some people are inherently racist because they are born with racism as part of their character. It's all about how you are raised, the values you grow up with, and the values you choose to have as an adult. Other people's sexual orientation has zero impact on you; and just because your society looks upon LGBT culture with disdain does not mean you, as a member of an international and multicultural community, should too. Being homophobic doesn't make you diverse, it makes you close-minded.
    And take a look at Mac Cosmetic's range for men, or any movie or television actor ever -- makeup is for straight males, too.

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