Be a Guinea Pig - and win a free NCTJ exam

We're looking for some student volunteers to 'test drive' a new format of electronic exams for the NCTJ.

There's no preparation required. You'll just need to spare us 2 hours 30 minutes of your time in our newsroom on a date to be confirmed in the next couple of weeks. You'll sit an on-screen exam, under exam conditions, which is similar in style to the current NCTJ News Reporting exam - but it's all done in a web-based 'exam portal'.

What's in it for you? The NCTJ will fund a free 'real' exam (of your choice) for you later on.

In the first instance, could any first or second years interested in taking part please email me asap, or drop by my office, so that we can get some idea of numbers. We'll find a date that doesn't clash directly with your uni exams.