Despite a Brexit Party landslide in Kent, Medway Labour leader Vince Maple said that his party shouldn’t be too worried about last night’s EU Election results.

Labour only managed to win one seat out of the ten available in the South East, with voters flocking to both The Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Maple said: “Historically, we’ve seen the European elections used as a bit of a protest vote.

“It think if this was a general election, you would see support for the main two parties actually."

Unpopular Message: Labour's EU Manifesto.

It was always going to be tricky for Labour in Kent, despite the recent success in Medway Council's local elections.

Historically, Kent has seen its population support anti-EU parties in the EU elections, with UKIP always faring strongly.

Nigel Farage famously stood for election to British parliament in 2015 for the Thanet South contintuency, and gained an MP in 2014.


Medway Labour react to drubbing in EU elections