NCTJ 'guinea pigs'

Thanks to all those who volunteered to road-test the NCTJ's new Essential Journalism exam. I'm afraid I ended up with too many names, so have used the time-honoured 'sorting hat' technique (i.e pulling names out of a coffee cup) to reduce the number of volunteers to the 15 that the NCTJ wanted.

The 15 names are below - apologies if you volunteered but are not on the list.

The exam will take place in the undergraduate newsroom on Wednesday, June 1st. Please be there at 11am. NCTJ staff will talk you through the new format for half an hour, and then you will sit the exam itself, which is 2 hours 30 minutes. There will then be a 30-minute debrief, when the NCTJ team will ask you for some feedback about the exam. We'll supply some sandwiches for this bit. You should all be finished at about 2.30pm.

If you are on the list and cannot be there on that date, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can give your place to someone else.

Siobhan Neave

Julie Clerget

Boglarka Kosztolanyi

Duarte Dias

Isabelle Miller

Arianne Spinosa

Chandni Sembhi

Joe Coshan

Seb Jenkins

Bernie Botto

Tomasso Fiore

Phil Wellbrook

Elaine Loke

Katie Nelson

Sean Hills