Sensational NCTJ court reporting results

Congratulations to the many CfJ students who passed their NCTJ court reporting exam. We had an 82 per cent pass rate in the centre. Great work everyone, and thanks to our brilliant tutor Sarah Fuller.

Particularly impressive performances came from MA students Louisa Britton (with a whopping 91 per cent) and Kishan Koria (with a fractionally-less-whopping 90 per cent), and from BA student Andy Robinson (with a mighty 86 per cent).

Others to bag an A grade were: Adele Couchman, Lauren Harris, Natalie Tipping, Duarte Dias and Olivia Eden-Brown.


Just logged in in order to post my congratulations (I've been away) only to find Ian has beaten me to it! Louisa, Kish and Andy all beat the previous CfJ record for an NCTJ law exam. Very well done to all. 

By Sarah Fuller