Short hair, don't care?

I have always admired celebrities who would cut their long luscious locks and still exude confidence the day after: Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johanson, Anne Hathaway, Britney Spears... Oh wait. Maybe hair is a big deal after all. You can wear a cute bob but it won't compare to shaving it all off. Why not? Is hair anything more than just hair?

People usually associate a new haircut with a breakup but it's not always that superficial. Sometimes it symbolises stepping into a new life. You want to break free from this old image of you, proving to yourself that you're more than "that girl with the bushy hair", or "that girl with the Rapunzel hair" or however you used to wear it.

We as women place too much of our self-worth, our femininity, in our hair. I am not my hair, it is just a part of me. I do love it but I also want to prove to myself that I am enough. Now, I wear the hijab. Knowing this you're probably wondering why I'm even making a fuss about it.

"Selsou, why don't you just shave it? nobody's seeing it anyway." This was actually asked by one of my best friends, believe it or not. I could sit here all day and argue how the people closest to me can, in fact, see it and why I'm covering my body in the first place. But this is not the point. I do still take care of it daily, like any girl would do. 

Is hair important? Yes, there is a reason beauty brands, hair salons and advertisement agencies make billions in this industry. But I also think that confidence is important and that we should teach it to girls everywhere. There are girls out there who not only have to deal with cancer, they also lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy. I can only imagine the frustration that comes along with it. But on top of that, as I mentioned before, a lot of women define being a woman with their hair. You can dye it pink, blue and/or green to express yourself. But what do you do when you lose it? That's when confidence comes in. Wigs are great but these girls and women should be told that they are enough. And a bald head is only a testament to their incredible strength. 

Long or short hair, worn down or covered, placed in a ponytail or not there at all, hair is just hair and it shouldn't be a huge dilemma to alter it. But if you do, please consider donating it to a charity like Little Princess Trust which provides wigs for children with cancer.