As per my emails to all students on 23 September and 26 September, your SDS timetable is not currently showing the non-academic/NCTJ modules (which include Conference and Shorthand).  I attached a paper copy of the timetable showing all the modules to both my emails.  I am still receiving emails from students who say they have missed classes because they were not aware of them as they were not showing on SDS.  If you need a paper copy of the timetable please come and get one from my office and PLEASE READ YOUR EMAILS.


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Good blog on shooting video on your phone


Everyone doing the NCTJ portfolio at the CFJ -- that is, all students doing the NCTJ Diploma -- needs to shoot a simple story on their phone.

So I was pleased to find this blog by a BBC journalist about how he is making shooting some quite ambitous stuff on his phone: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/academy/entries/edb5f4ed-19fb-46aa-b23c-9f828...

It's very good. Take a look. He's updating as he learns more about how to manage the workflow.


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Enter the NCTJ Awards for Excellence


The deadline for the NCTJ's annual journalism awards has been extended until tomorrow (Friday, September 23).

Current students and recent graduates can enter in categories including student journalist of the year, trainee of the year and best student project.

Winners will be given their prizes at a dinner event during the NCTJ Skills Conference which is being held in Portsmouth in November. 

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Your International Friends - here to help


Introducing your International Friends.

Duarte, on the left in the photo, is from Portugal and Anita, on the right, is from Kenya. They are both in Stage 3 and will be based in the small newsroom this year.

Duarte and Anita will be happy to chat and answer any of your questions in person or via email.

Anita - ann2@kent.ac.uk

Duarte - dd310@kent.ac.uk

To avoid confusion - Lesley is in the middle of the picture!  


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So you've chosen to study journalism...now what?



Whether you're here for your first time or returning as a 2nd or 3rd year, we are very happy to have you here. In case you need a little inspiration, here's some excellent advice from Sky News' Harriet Hadfield.

PS. You have to look at it WITH YOUR PHONE cause mobile #journalism is the future!!!

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Calling all International students


If you have just joined us then welcome to the Centre For Journalism! We hope you have a great time whilst you are here. If you are returning - welcome back. 

My name is Lesley Phippen and I'm the new International Student Mentor for the Centre for Journalism. My role is to offer any help, guidance or support you may need. Please do call in to my office any time or send an email if you want to make an appointment. I will be ably assisted by two international  student friends - Duarte Dias and Anita Nkonge. They will be around later this week and I will be saying more about them in my blog on Wednesday.

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Welcome to the Centre for Journalism's 2016 students


A very warm welcome to all of the students joining us in 2016 for our undergraduate and postgraduate journalism programmes.

Your journey will at times be thrilling, and on occasion you may wonder what you've let youselves in for - but we promise you one thing: life here at the Centre for Journalism will never be dull.

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The Economist seeks social media interns


The Economist is seeking two social media fellows (interns). These are paid positions (£2,000 per month) and Adnan Sarwar, assistant community editor at The Economist, tells me that 'there will be no making of tea unless they want one themselves'. He adds that he started his career with the famous title as an intern. You can find all the details at www.economist.com/social-media-fellowship .Note that you will need to make yourself very familiar with newspaper to have a realistic chance of success. The effort will be worth it. This would be a superb place to start a career in serious journalism.  I encourage you to apply. The Economist is a truly great title and has been for a very long time. It features prominently in my recent research into newspaper coverage of the doctrine of unconditional surrender between 1943 and 1945...but of course you knew that already....  

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CFJ KIT RETURNS - recall of all equipment.


Before you enjoy your well earned summer sojourn please would you return all outstanding Kit to me.

This is vital for graduating students and equally important for all others in order that I may audit, service and prepare for next year.

You must inform me of any broken kit and you are responsible for the replacement cost of any missing items.

DEADLINE : MONDAY 20th JUNE 12.00pm.

Kit to be returned to Gerardo (only).

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