NCTJ Law revision session


All students taking the NCTJ Essential Media Law exam on January 27th - don't forget there is a final revision session on Wednesday 20th from 2 - 4pm in the UG newsroom. Please let me know if there is any particular subject area you are concerned about so that we can discuss it. 

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The Government's cuts to maintenance grants are undemocratic, unwarranted and unfair


A side note to begin; if journalism exists to hold power to account, and freedom of expression gives one the freedom to express their viewpoint, regardless of whether it is critical of power, does openly biased journalism against a government make it any less valid? The New York Times' Herbert Matthews once said that biased journalism was perfectly fine, provided the journalist in question made their personal opinions clear.

So, making it clear, I'm very biased, and I'm also very angry.

On Thursday the Independent ( )  reported that not only was the government axing the non-repayable maintenance grants that are paid to those with a lower household income, but they were axing them without proper Parliamentary scrutiny and debate.

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Why I use AdBlock


I admit I love technology. And I absolutely adore the Internet.

I adore the possibilities it offers for keeping in touch with old friends, forming communities, learning the answers to those random questions that plague us at two in the morning, and just about anything else that might come up to mind. As such, I try my best and spend quite a bit of my free time trying to make sense of and learn a bit of code (although I am pretty sure Java script is going to be the reason for my first grey hairs).

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Journalism: I'll race you to the bottom


It’s always baffled me. From the recent exposé of Victorian-like conditions at Sports Direct to exploited fruit pickers in Chartham, journalism has long been a champion of highlighting injustice — and quite rightly so. But when it comes to the treatment of its own workforce, the motherly embrace reporters often display for those at the bottom can seem a world away.


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Sorry not sorry


Although Justin Bieber made it to number one in the UK charts for saying ‘sorry’, the newly released app ‘I’m just not sorry’ believes saying sorry will not get you to a number one spot in business.

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Being Labelled a Cheerleader for Islamic Zealots Is No Joke - Response


Yesterday Lauren Booth posted a piece on the Huffington Post site in response to the tabloids who ran stories about her being “a sinister-sounding woman who takes time off from fund raising for ‘terrorist' families’ only to pander to her rarefied hobby as a ‘cheerleader for Islamic Zealots’.”

Booth is an English broadcaster, journalist and activist, currently working as a freelance writer and media consultant. Her response is entitled ‘Being Labelled a Cheerleader for Islamic Zealots Is No Joke’.

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British newspapers' online coverage of reactions on Cologne sex attacks


Five days into the new year, a press conference shocked the German public with reports about a spate of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve.


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One country is championing young feminism, whilst another is dismantling it


Back in December, it was announced that every 16 year-old student in Sweden will be given a copy of a book titled We all ought to be feminists. 

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Covering Corbyn's reshuffling of the pack



As we immersed ourselves back into the news cycle after the holiday period, those of us in Britain found a rather busy domestic agenda somewhat captured by Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle. 

Now anybody who has had even the most fleeting of acquaintance with me knows that I am, frankly, a shameless politico, and as a result found what has been dubbed humorously “the night(s) of the blunt knives” fascinating. 

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CfJ students produce hit festive video for BBC Radio Kent


Following the success of last year's Xmas hit "Fairytale of Kent" (also produced by a group of our students), the team at BBC Radio Kent didn't think twice about approaching the Centre for a quality Xmas production. 

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