Recession Begins to Bite Hard in Medway

The first frosts of winter are beginning to bite in the dockside towns of Gillingham and Chatham – and so is the looming recession. Figures out last week confirmed that the UK economy experienced its first quarter of negative economic growth for 16 years. But even closer to home, unemployment has risen to nearly 4,000 in the Medway area and shoppers are beginning to feel the pinch in the run up to Christmas.

Video assignment: where you need to be

For all of you working on your video news package assignment, I thought it might be worth giving you some guidance on where you need to be in the process. By the start of the teaching session on Monday you ideally should have nailed your interviews and know what your story is. Finding the focus of your story is the key now. There won't be a lot of point in spending time getting GVs until you've done this - they can always be added later. If you haven't got that focus yet, come and see me or Richard and we'll be happy to give some guidance on where to look and who to call.

Blears on Blogging

Without fanfare or comment I draw to your attention this piece by New Labour's favourite uber-Blairite, Hazel Blears. It is an edited version of a speech she will make to the Hansard Society. Ever wondered why journalists have such a long established tradition of resisting state regulation? Isn't Hazel marvellous?     


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