An institution's best asset is its people - that's definitely our undergrads!

Hello First Years!

On the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December we are very much looking forward to meeting our prospective UCAS journalism applicants for 2009 and we would like you all to be involved in this year's recruitment process. 

I'm looking to employ six student guides for each of those days to conduct tours of the campus and its facilities from 0930 to 1300 hours.

Newspapers During world War II

For a very brief introduction to popular newspaper coverage of WWII - including the films that were box office favourites during the Blitz and details of how Blackpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers competed with Arsenal and Everton in the League Championship - follow this link to the site I mentioned in our seminar. You will find out which newspaper asked "What would have happened if Hitler had married Mae West?"

We Saw Spain Die

I had a chance to read Paul Preston's We Saw Spain Die over the weekend.  It is excellent and very relevant to your History of Journalism essay topic. I have put my personal copy in the newsroom. Feel free to use it but NOT to remove it.  I have ordered an additional copy. When it arrives I will put it in the same place on the same basis i.e. newsroom use only. It is available only in hardback at the moment and costs £20 at Waterstones and a little less on Amazon.  


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