CFJ Kit returns. Week commencing 22nd January 2018.


Dear Students,

The kit room will be closed 22nd to 24th january as I will not be present at the CFJ on those dates.

If you currently have overdue kit you will need to return it to me and settle your penalty either today 19th January or next thursday 25th january.

If you require kit for next week, please request and collect it today, 19th January.

If you have kit due for return on 22,23 or 24th January (next mon tues or weds) then please return it on thursday 25th instead. You will not incur a penalty if returned on this date.  

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Print newsday teams: Years 1 and 2


The teams for the print newsdays for Year 1 and 2 undergrad students over the next couple of weeks have been decided using the time-honoured CfJ sorting hat. Team 1 will produced their newspaper next Thursday (25 Jan), while Team 2 will produce theirs the following week (1 Feb). Rob and Angela will edit the two newsapers with assistance from Ron and from me. The teams are below. If your name is not on either list, let me know ASAP.

Team 1

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Daily Mail trainee reporter and sub-editor schemes


Trainee reporters

Britain’s most successful newspaper group is looking for trainee reporters. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity to work at the Daily Mail newspaper. 
Our trainee reporters embark on a year-long programme that involves intense training, assessment and on-the-job experience at regional daily newspapers and agencies.
The successful applicants will probably have a degree and will have shown a commitment to journalism by writing for their student newspaper/website and gained work experience in newsrooms.

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The FT's Paul McClean Graduate Trainee Programme


This is a really good opportunity for people interested in global affairs and financial journalism - starting in September. Applications close 28 February.

The FT says it encourages international applications.




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WANTED: your views on the local press. Join the debate here


Poor journalism and bad English were among the disturbing findings revealed by Adam Landau in his insightful blog post (Who is writing local news? 31 December, 2017). Below is an equally revealing article by someone who has been writing local news for as many years as I have.

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NCTJ Law revision session - attention Year 2 and MAs


Don't forget there is a joint revision session for your NCTJ law exam on Wednesday January 17th from 2 - 4pm in room G4-12.  Please bring your holiday test paper with you. Also a reminder to all those planning to take the Court Reporting module this term.  There are no classes on Friday January 19th as I'm at an NCTJ law board meeting. Teaching will begin on the 26th.

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Xmas holiday test paper - NCTJ Law


There will be the usual Friday NCTJ law sessions this week....BUT if you genuinely can't make it, please pick up a Xmas holiday test paper from the folder attached to Nicola's office door. We will go through this paper in your revision session on January 17th. 

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NCTJ law - attention Year 2s and MAs


Don't forget the replacement NCTJ law session on Wednesday December 13th  from 2 - 3.30pm in Room G4-12. This session is open to MAs as well as Year 2s as we are all working through the same test paper. DON'T forget to bring the test paper with you - and your McNae. 

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Briefing for 2018 Sky News Bob Friend Scholarship


Attention all undergraduates.

We'll be holding a briefing for the 2018 Sky News Bob Friend Scholarship on Tuesday 12 December at 1300 in the main newsroom. (UPDATE: now in the small newsroom because of the NCTJ sports journalism exam).

This is a unique and immensely valuable opportunity open to all undergraduate students in the Centre - first, second and third years. The winner will spend a month long, fully funded placement at Sky News. They will also receive a £3,000 contribution to their tuition fees. Beyond these rewards there is, of course, the prestige and glory of being a member of the tiny and highly select band of Sky Bob Friend Scholars.

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NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs


If you were not at last Friday's classes, please go to Nicola's office and pick up an EML exam test paper. They are in a blue box file marked "Sarah" on top of the filing cabinet.  This is the first of the test papers we'll be working through prior to your exam in January so it's really important that you bring your paper - and your McNae - to your Friday class.  

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