US Election 2016


Because I am sad, and also interested in these things, I'm liveblogging the US Election tonight. Feel free to keep up with it through the night if you want, or just check in tomorrow morning for the results.

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Vine is ending and I'm sad: An obituary


Imagine if your favourite app was wiped from the app store and ceased to exsist. The news that Vine will be discontinued over the next few monthsleft me in shock. I was surprised to discover that I was emotionally attached to this app, and so to have that suddenly taken away had me feeling as though I had lost something. Now you're probably thinking, "Katie, get over yourself, it's a bloody mobile app." and I couldn't agree with you more, but let me explain to you why I was so invested in this app. 

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Year 3's New Perspectives web site is live again today


Year 3 students from the BA Journalism course are once again working on an assessed newsday. This afternoon they will be broadcasting 2 hours of live radio from the centre's newsroom. And throughout the day they will be updating their New Perspectives web site and its associated social media accounts. 

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Meet the graduates: Kishan Koria


In the latest of our series of interviews with recent Centre for Journalism graduates, Kishan Koria talks about landing a job with ITV's Peston on Sunday before he had graduated - and having to take time off work to take his exams.

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Today: 10-minute talk that could change your future


Today at 1pm we're welcoming former regional newspaper editor Rebecca Smith to the CfJ newsroom. Rebecca now works for Kent Business School here at the university, and will be introducing the ASPIRE project, which aims to encourage student entrepreneurs to develop their ideas for commercial and social enterprise ventures - and, crucially, to help provide them with funding.

She'll be giving a short, 10-minute presentation to introduce the scheme at 1pm in the main undergraduate newsroom. All undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to attend.

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BBC's Fi Glover to vist CfJ


Fiona – Fi – Glover will visit the Centre on Monday 13 February 2017. She will speak about her career and answer questions in the main newsroom at 1pm. Fi is an award winning presenter of BBC network radio shows, fellow of the Radio Academy and founder of Sound Women – a lobbying and networking group for women in the audio industries.Fi is also a Kent graduate. She studied Classical Civilisation and Philosophy between 1987 and 1990. In July 2016 she was awarded an honorary doctorate at our graduation ceremony in Rochester Cathedral.

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Year 3 students running live news web site today


Third year students from our undergraduate programme are working on an assessed news day today. They'll be producing a 16-page newspaper between them by 5pm - and during the day they are also running a live news web site.

You can check out New Perspectives here.

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Team Talk, produced entirely by CfJ undergrads, makes its KMTV debut


When we launched KMTV last year as a joint venture between the CfJ and the KM Group, we hoped that it would prove a fertile training ground for our students as they prepare for journalism careers.

And last night's airing of the first edition of sports magazine show Team Talk on KMTV is an indication of just how well this premise is working. 

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Business journalism award win for CfJ graduate Jayna Rana


We like a bit of reflected glory here at the Centre for Journalism, so hearty congratulations go to Jayna Rana (MA Multimedia Journalism 2015) who this week won the Trade Journalist of the Year title at the Association of Investment Companies Media Awards for her work on Investment Week.

Great work Jayna. 

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As per my emails to all students on 23 September and 26 September, your SDS timetable is not currently showing the non-academic/NCTJ modules (which include Conference and Shorthand).  I attached a paper copy of the timetable showing all the modules to both my emails.  I am still receiving emails from students who say they have missed classes because they were not aware of them as they were not showing on SDS.  If you need a paper copy of the timetable please come and get one from my office and PLEASE READ YOUR EMAILS.


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