From me to you,

A taste of my hobby.

You always save my ass,

You're my hero Robby!

Happy Birthday!



 John that was GOOD!!!!! Becky and Zehra and I are impressed!!! You have a good voice, we think you should play at the xmas party!!! Rob you are a lucky boy haha!! 

...but thanks. I was planning on eating at the party, though, sorry. I'll do the next open mic night in Coopers (that is, if they're still happening...?).

Thanks for this John. It is very very epic!

And thanks for signing the card guys.

You can buy me drinks on Friday too if you like! Ha!

Is Friday Coopers' Christmas party?

And John, I told you earlier it was fab. Maybe you can play a short set at the pre-drinks party at mine then?

This is probably the kiss of death for your musical career, John. After all, I don't much like many singers since Lowell George, and even then I prefer his career with Little Feat to the solo work. I appreciate the works of Rickie Lee Jones, JJ Cale and Donald Fagen, but beyond late era Steely Dan I fear music has followed gravity's imperative. .All that said,  this is impressive. Bring the guitar. I think we need a live act to headline the CfJ Christmas Party.  

For Rob's ears only