In his Centre for Journalism masterclass yesterday, BBC World Affairs correspondent Allan Little explained how 'version' had become a verb for news reporters - as in, "Can you version that TV report for radio?" I thought an example would be in order, so here are two versions of Jeremy Bowen's reports from the Middle East yesterday.

Below is his piece for Radio 4's Today programme on the Hamas/Fatah divisions.

Contrast this with his News At Ten package for television the same day.

Note in particular the different lengths of the two pieces, and the variations in sentence structure. It's worth paying special attention to the way he approaches the description of the two boys doing the school run at the beginning of each piece for the two media.



To get the footage and sound for one and the different sound for the other simultaneously must be quite a juggling act in your head. Tricky stuff.

'Versioning' for TV and radio