Billie Joe Armstrong hits Broadway

In words: When Green Day's 'American Idiot'...

Outwords: ...his band on a tour of South America.

Duration: 2:06

Cue: Ever since the album came out. there had been constant rumours and speculation about a possible American Idiot film, some even suggesting frontman Billie Joe Armstrong could take up a major role. However, talk of a movie has quietened in the face of the American Idiot musical coming to life. In light of this, there were fresh rumours that Mr Armstrong might join the cast, and after the musical enjoyed successful summer run on Broadway, he will be doing just that.

Target audience: For music radio such as Radio Kerrang! or one of Radio 1's evening alternative music shows, aimed towards teenagers with a keen interest and decent background knowledge in music.  

Tom Rowse Convergent Portfolio part 1 - Radio