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I never said I could definitely come in this Wednesday, in fact it's pretty unlikely as I'm attending the Medway election hustings in Coopers and then an election debate in Canterbury afterwards. I did mention the hustings to you and suggest you could come along to record a bit of that if you want to discuss the elections on your show amongst yourselves.

But more to the point, as said before, I'm not allowed discuss the elections until election week: February 24th until March 22nd! I'm not allowed to campaign anywhere other than online until that week (with the exception of the hustings and debates). I could end up expelled from the elections for your claim I will come in to discuss the elections and 'dish the dirt' on the other candidates this Wednesday, all I said to you was I could possibly come in to discuss campus issues.

The only way to discuss the elections before the election week is to either discuss it without talking to me about it or to invite all candidates to come in to discuss it with equal amounts of air time for each.

Please acknowledge your mistake publicly, even in a comment underneath this one, or re-upload the episode with the mistake corrected - it would be a stupid thing for me to get disqualified from the elections for. 

Hi Paul,  

We are aware of your worries, I doubt the 5 seconds of 'libel' will cause your campaign any damage. We have received your e-mails, and have tried taking down the content but the CFJ website will not let us do anything right now. We will continue trying. 

It would be a stupid thing for you to get disqualified from the elections for.. 

I feel harsh complaining about this, but they really are that strict about the campaign rules. No hard feelings!

Rules, as good journalists should understand, are designed for the guidance of the intelligent and the obedience of fools. Democracy is rather more precious than arcane limitations on freedom of speech. If the rules prevent a prospective candidate expressing opinions in the public sphere then the rules are flawed. Limiting campaign expenditure to the duration of a campaign is sensible. Requiring prospective candidates to call themselves prospective candidates until they are formally nominated and adopted as candidates is sensible. Arbitrary restrictions on free speech and free publication are to be resisted, surely. .     

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