Why Charlton Athletic's latest ownership raises red flags

After the regular League One season came to an end at the end of last month, Charlton Athletic supporters were left with anger and frustration towards the plsyers, coaching staff and owner, as the club sank to a 13th place finish with 21 defeats in the season; their worstt season to date. 

Gold grillz and wedding bells

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna have been the talk of the town for quite some time since the couple announced they were officially dating. They then expressed their joy when announcing their pregnancy. The couple have been seen taking photos and after the rapper dropped a significant clue in his recent music video, fans believe that the couple are already married - or at least engaged.

Why House MD is the best medical drama of the 21st century

House MD is a show which began in 2004, and therefore it would be simply wrong to claim that I have been watching since the beginning. However, as a young child I do have faint memories of seeing the angry American doctor on the TV with the walking stick and always being told to look away as what was on the screen was ‘too gory’. It was over a decade later that one afternoon whilst browsing the streaming service Amazon Prime that I came across the show once again, and decided to check it out.

A Fresher's Survival Guide

So you are headed to University, congratulations, it is truly a wonderful experience for fostering your curiosity and nurturing your mind for the adult years of your life, but to be entirely honest, Fresher's Week is so much more than that. Parties, pubs, clubbing and more, which can be a lot for someone who grew up in the comfortably uneventful suburbs of Surrey, like me. But don't worry dear reader, because I will teach you the surefire method to ensuring that you get through the longest, most fun of week of your young adult life as smoothly as possible.