On Screen Journalist opportunity with ITV in Lincoln

A permanent position with ITV for an on screen journalist based in Lincoln. The ITV Lincoln Office is on the University Campus just outside the city centre, a very nice place to work. A small office, the news team spend most of the day on the road. The Lincoln office has connectivity to the Calendar Newsroom in Leeds. The Leeds news centre is in the same building as the Emmerdale studios. The stories from the Lincoln area overlap with the ITV Central (East) region, meaning your stories potentially could go out in both regions.


Razorlight: Olympus Sleeping - Review

Image result for razorlight festivalSo, it’s been a month since the much-maligned Johnny Borrell returned to our airwaves. Razorlight were never a particularly cool band to listen to, but for mid-noughties ‘indie’ lovers like myself, they’re a nostalgic throwback to a simpler, better time when the only blogging I needed to worry about was on Piczo – the ultimate decision being a choice over which one of my mates to dedicate the main page of my ‘site’ to.

'Widows' film review

I saw Steve McQueen’s new film ‘Widows’ last night. Talk about a star-studded cast - Viola Davis, Colin Farrell and Robert Duvall to name a select few. You could smell the prestige seeping from the poster on the foyer wall, the cast boastfully displayed in all their Academy-touted glory. The film itself? A scattershot mess. Bloated, self-congratulatory and lost.