Yet again the Met Gala was the talk of the town

Every year many people find themselves lying at home judging the Met Gala outfits in their pyjamas. I myself am very guilty of this and feel as though I become a fashion expert whilst adjudicating them. The designs, the creativity and being invited to the Met Gala is a very big deal. However, one thing that people find very disappointing is when the celebrities invited don’t stick to the theme.

Writing, trying to get read, and the culture of punditocracy

If you want to properly understand politics, history, culture and society, it’s pretty much essential to spend large parts of your time reading, reading about, or listening to those who tried to do it before. Especially for those of us on the left, “read theory” is a common refrain. In the 21st century, with society the most connected it’s ever been, it’s simultaneously very easy and very hard to get your thoughts heard.