Zimmer: The (Lion) King of Blockbuster Scores

What makes more than 10,000 people silent? The moment composer Gavin Greenaway raises his baton and signals the orchestra as it plays The Dark Knight score, ending in an erupting crescendo of drums, brass and strings.

The conductor, a life-long friend of Hans Zimmer took centre stage beneath the synonymous ‘Bat signal’, which caused a shrill of excitement to pulsate through my body as if it was calling the following songs at The World of Hans Zimmer: a symphonic celebration at Wembley Arena.

A Critical Analysis of Sean Paul's "We Be Burnin'"

Sean Paul is one of the greatest Jamaican artists currently on the music scene. At the tender age of 46, he is still bringing out bangers, earning a Grammy nomination in 2017 with Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” and three Brit Award nominations in the same year. He is unquestionably one of the biggest Jamaican artists to grace the medium of music.

But, he is not just a fantastic singer, rapper and producer. He is also one of the most unappreciated advocates for the legalisation and decriminalisation of marijuana.

And that is best displayed in his 2005 smash hit “We Be Burnin’”.

Reality show contestants - why has enough not been done to protect their mental health?

It is being increasingly recognised and understood how a person’s mental health needs to be taken care of just as much as their physical health. Great steps have been taken to highlight the dangers that things such as social media can have on an individual’s mental health, with great emphasis being placed on educating children and teenagers on the risks it poses and what to do if they feel that their mental health is suffering.