Men for Sale – Male Prostitution in Hong Kong

Though prostitution is a legal practice in Hong Kong, it is kind of a taboo to talk about male prostitution, because Hong Kong is still quite a conservative city. Male sex workers are usually referred as 'duck' or 'goose' in Cantonese, in which 'duck' usually means those who provide services to women, while 'goose' means those who provide services to men. 

The representation of love in Romantic Comedies

A romantic comedy film is classified as a film with two genres rather than just one. They are a hybrid of comedy and romance and very often will have a an element of screwball comedy. Over many years, this particular combination of genre has produced Box Office hits and is a modern favourite over a wide audience. However, there are many arguments to suggest that the very nature of this genre is creating unrealistic expectations of love and making the audience discontent with own real life relationships.