This degree is amazing

Hello people who've never heard of me (hey Bill)!

I'm a graduate of the first ever undergraduate cohort at CfJ. This coming summer will be two years since I finished.

It's not a barrel of fish looking for jobs at the moment (lots of NEETs around), but I found a few round here (Wales, but not the bit with strong accents).

What quickly became apparent was that I had three years' work experience, doing things that you need to do in almost any job:

- get people to help you for free (like be on camera, or tell you their life story)

MA TV classes this week

My dear MA students

I am very sorry that I can't be with you for either of your TV classes this week, or the news afternoon we hoped to run on Wednesday.

I have been called away urgently to be with my family.

I plan to be back next Monday.

Would you mind using some of your class time this week to complete this TV exam? All files will be supplied.

We'll look at what you've done together next week.

Are the sky-high prices for the Shard's viewing deck really worth it?

The opening of 'The View' of the Shard happened on Friday and after reading other articles on this event I found out that an adults ticket, when booked online, was £25 - tickets which arent booked online cost even more. 

The Shard has become quite a controversial building, being called elitist and ugly, as well as a beautifully modern masterpeice. 

However despite it being the tallest building in Western Europe, are these prices really worth it?

Year 3 news day this week

Due to Richard's unavoidable absence this week, we're changing Thursday's assessed news day from TV to online.

So the roles are as follows:

[Sorry - earlier version had editors and executives the  wrong way round]

Editors: Huw Griffiths, Tania Steere, Sarina Iskandar

Executive team: Jay Akbar, Oprah Flash, Alex Maitland

Trainee reporter vacancy at CfJ lecturer's old patch

The Reading Chronicle newspaper is looking for a trainee reporter to join our recently graduated Nick Gutteridge, one of last year's MAs. Coincidentally the Chronicle was my first newspaper, where I spent two extremely happy years learning the trade before graduating onto the Observer. The paper is looking for people with their 100 wpm shorthand and NCTJ diploma, once again emphasising the importance of getting your qualifications!! You can read the details here