England's Netballers on top of the world

While the controversy surrounding Eden Hazard was gripping sports fans last night and dominating back pages this morning, you may or may not have heard about history being made at Wembley Arena last night.

England’s Netball team recorded a historic series win against the World Champions Australia, beating them 51-49 in the second test of the International Netball series.  You can see a full match report at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/netball/21161065

They won the first test 58-53 on Sunday.

Precedent or exception? A few thoughts on the Mark Hales court case

Earlier today, the motoring journalist Mark Hales was found by a court to be liable for the damage done to the engine of a Porsche 917 he was driving for a magazine feature.

I know not enough of the case to enter the specifics, but the key question was this: Did the engine blow because the experienced Hales was driving (i.e. he missed a gear), or did it blow simply while he was behind the wheel (i.e. an unavoidable mechanical failure)? The court held it was the former, and he is now facing a six-figure bill for repairs.

Capture Medway on film and win £250

There' s a £250 top prize up for grabs in the University's Creative Campus photography competition. It's open to all Medway staff and students, and requires entrants to take a picture on the campus that will "capture aspects of student life or the hidden beauty in exposing peculiar elements of its natural and built environment".

Submission Requirements:

  • 1 photograph only
  • Format: JPEG or TIFF
  • Resolution; 300 dpi preferred
  • Size: 5mb maximum
  • Filename: Your name and title of photograph