Hadley Freeman on Captain Wales

Amid blanket coverage of Prince Harry, a.k.a. Captain Wales a.k.a the Killer Prince, nothing has amused and pleased me more than Hadley Freeman's column for the Guardian. Yes, I know Prince Harry hates journalists for revealing his antics when he is being "more army than prince". Granted, his earnest desire for a timid and obedient press does more to promote the value of raucous free speech than he might imagine. But never mind; the best way for honest republicans to dilute reverence for the royal family is to make fun of them. Thank you, Hadley - and not for the first time.

Parliament trip still on

Update (5.50am): There are still some delays on train services on the Maidstone and Chatham lines. Go for an earlier train if you can!

OP: The Year 1 (plus special guests) trip to Westminster tomorrow is still on but train services to London could be disrupted by another chilly night.
Our time slots for the tour are early and inflexible, so you may need to jump on an earlier train than expected. Keep an eye on the Southeastern website for updates.

NCTJ production journalism exam, 25 January

A reminder to all MA, Year 2 and Year 3 students sitting the NCTJ production journalism exam next Friday 25 January.

You have to bring your piece of coursework with you on the day of the exam - which should be a subbed tabloid sized newspaper page. It can't contain any agency copy - all stories on it must have been written by student journalists - i.e you or your colleagues. And each page must contain a section of News in Briefs.

I'll happily look at any coursework pages, and give general feedback next week in advance of the exam.

Boycotted Tesco, but now I'm starving

Yesterday, it was revealed some products in various supermarkets had up to 29.1% horse meat content in them. Mcdonalds, Tesco and Lidl are some of the places caught up in this mix up. 

Apparently it tastes the same and there are no health risks, but I will be avoiding tesco branded products(which is hard as Liberty Quays is just next to Tesco's) for  a while. A European supplier has been accused of contaminating the products.

When doing some research to reassure myself not everything, everywhere is horse, I found this bit of advice: