NCTJ law January 18th

Year 2s and MAs - please bring with you on Friday the test EML paper I gave you for your revision. It's the one from January 24th 2011. We'll be going through that paper - and focussing on any other areas in which you feel you need more help. JOSH MORL AND DECLAN OLLEY - don't forget it's your day for voice training.

A striking front page

Here is a striking front page design, and an interesting approach to bringing petitions to life in news stories.

The South Wales Argus collected 5,345 names on a petition in favour of free parking in Newport - and printed every single one of them in its paper. A good sample of them are on the front page, in place of a picture.

There can be no greater illustration of the credibility that named sources bring to a story.

The depublished column

After commissioning polemical columnist Julie Burchill to write an article this Sunday, The Observer has taken the rather extraordinary step of trying to depublish it.

The column in question was a stout defence of her friend, the writer Suzanne Moore, against claims that she had made bigoted comments about the transgender community, and then refused to apologise for them.

Julie Birchill's transsexual article renewing calls for controls on the press?


Yesterday, the Observer published an article on its website entitled "Transsexuals should cut it out".

Julie Burchill was accused of being transphobic after she wrote a column in defending her friend and fellow columnist Suzanne Moore who came under fire on Twitter for an article that said women were under pressure to have bodies like 'Brazilian transsexuals'. (