Campus sexism: harmless fun or a dangerous culture?


You would think that in this ‘modern’ age, sexism would not have a place at a university, where the great minds of the future are learning about the world.

However, the controversy surrounding the infamous student website Uni Lad has opened my eyes to sexism on campus – not just towards women, but men too – which is simply accepted as part of university life.

The sexism students are subject to would not be tolerated in any other environment, but at university it is seen as part of the culture.

Cameron and Osborne play political blackmail in the EU


The Chancellor of the Exchequer took to German newspaper Die Welt this week to ramp up the rhetoric of an EU exit.

We’ve seen Eurosceptic platitudes made by the upper echelons of the Tory party before, but this time things seem different.  Osborne said: “I very much hope that Britain remains a member of the EU. But in order that we can remain in the European Union, the EU must change.”

The media are meant to make us want to be skinny, right?

When I went home for Christmas I wasn’t most excited to see my friends or be reunited with my bed, I couldn’t wait to be able to read my magazines. I’m a subscriber; it’s easier on my arms, time and wallet (at least for the first six months), but that does mean I was kept away for them for three months.

Do sports journalists still need shorthand?

Whilst reading The Secret Footballer’s book (I am the Secret Footballer: Lifting the Lid on the Beautiful Game), I came across the player’s thoughts on the media and journalists. There was one line in particular that grabbed my attention: “I’m uncomfortable when journalists rely on shorthand rather than dictaphones, because it ends up becoming your word against theirs when a questionable story appears.”