Fascism course to open in the north east

Earlier today the news broke that Teeside University is to open a new Centre dedicated to the study of the far right and its opposition. The Centre will be part of the School of Arts and Media.

It will be called the Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist ad Post-Fascist studies. A slightly more striking  name than our CFJ. I doubt they will be abbreviating it. Although the CFFAFPF does have a disconnected ring to it.

The Centre opens in July and noises are already being made about the possibility of certification for a postgraduate course. 

What will it be, Mr Armstrong: a remorseful cheat or a guiltless victim?

The verdict will be ready next Thursday as world-famous road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong sits down with the infamous talkshow host Oprah Winfrey to chat about the state of his career in an exclusive interview that will be live streamed on Oprah.com. In face of last year’s allegations of extensive doping, the loss of his seven Tour de France titles and being banned from competing in any sport governed by the World Anti-Doping Agency code, it seems like there will be lots to talk about.

Tourists risk racial profiling and arrests by Greek police

Travellers of colour headed to Greece,be prepared! Greek police are questioning, arresting, and even beating tourists they believe to be illegal immigrants.

Anti-immigration operation Xenios Zeus, ironically, named after the god of hospitality, was setup in August last year to tackle the country’s illegal immigration problem.  The operation gave Xenios police power to inquire about an individual’s nationality and arrest those they believe to be in the country illegally.

How To Save A Life...


On the 16th January I will give blood for the first time.

My sister, a midwife, persuaded me to finally book up. I registered as a donor some time ago but was too nervous to actually book a donation appointment. My sister Sophie has told me stories of how important blood donation is, especially in maternity services. Hospitals in England and North Wales need 7000 units of blood per day – to prolong lives and even save them in many services such as cancer treatment, accident and emergency and the maternity services my sister has told me about.

Ugly Food

Yesterday on the BBC News website it was reported that 'Britain's biggest supermarkets have been defending their practices' after it was revealed that 'up to half of the world's food is thrown away.' The article goes on to explain that wastage happens mainly at manufacture and production - many foods not making it to market based on aesthetic appearance. What intrigues me is that food is dismissed simply because it doesn't look 'nice'; whilst its nutritional value and taste, amongst other things remain the same; and also the waste not at manufacturing, but at sales.