Sky News is offering three week work placements to people from a Black, Asian or other Ethnic Minority group, or from an economically disadvantaged background. They are for later in this year and the deadline is the end of January. This is a great opportunity for those that fit the criteria.

Protecting fair trials, or 'cloud cuckoo land'?

With discussions underway about changing contempt of court laws, newspapers and journalists are facing fears about the future of court reporting.

Although journalists are already doing what they can to avoid prejudicing court cases by following the Contempt of Court Act 1981 and the PCC code, the Law Commission is asking for more.

Courts may soon have the power to order that any previous articles which could be prejudicial be removed from websites. This could include articles from years before that a member of the jury might come across.

The Gathering 2013 - Ireland's latest attempt to kick-start the economy

Having welcomed 2013 in a wet and windy Republic of Ireland, it was hard to avoid posters and radio adverts trying to highlight The Gathering. It all sounded pretty good and exciting from looking at the posters but it doesn’t take too long to realise that this is just a money spinner from the national government.

Don’t cry over the Falklands, Argentina, the truth is they’ll never want you

Territorial disputes over the Falkland Islands’ sovereignty have been raised once again. The Argentine president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner’s wrote a letter to David Cameron which made the front page of The Guardian yesterday.