Year 3 TV news day roles for 22 November

The roles for next Thursday's assessed television newsday for Year 3 are as follows:

Editors: Harley Tamplin, Jemma Rogers, Tiia Mustonen

Excutives: Clare Freeman, Drew Mark, Anthony Dunkley

Assessed reporters: Jessica Fleig, Danielle Morris, Huw Jenkins, Agatha Yuen, Sarina Iskandar, Tania Steere, Peter Brown, Dwayne Gordon-Harris, Michel'le Donnelly, James Mullan, Scott Mitchell, Frances Christian-Acquaah

We'll hold a briefing for this on Monday at 1pm in the small newsroom.

TV News day - saving your work for broadcast

To save your files from Adobe Premiere (versions 4 or 10) for broadcast output for a news day, follow these instructions.

1. Make sure there are no stray audio or video clips on your timeline

2. Save your work

3. Select the 'Share' menu (the green tab at the top right of the screen)

4. Select the 'Personal Computer' option from the menu that appears.

5.  Select the 'AVI' option from the menu that appears.

6. Under 'presets', select the 'DV PAL Widescreen' option.

7. Make sure the 'save in' option is pointing to the D drive of your PC.