From the CfJ archive: Tom Hart Dyke interactive feature

At the weekend I heard a familiar voice on Radio 4's comedy show The Museum of Curiosity - that of Tom Hart Dyke, the botanist who was kidnapped and held for 9 months in Central America.

Back in 2010, Hart Dyke was interviewed by John Saunders, one of our second year students, for his online interactive feature assignment. It's a fascinating story, so I thought I'd dig out John's piece from the archive for another airing.

The false nurse story

So today in conference, I said that I knew people that worked in the surgery where the accused nurse, that appeared in Maidstone court regarding fraud charges and a list of other things, worked.

However, it turns out that I was incorrect. Instead there are in fact two different cases of questionable nurses in the Medway/Maidstone area.