Radio is dead (Local Edition)

My first blog post when I started at the Centre for Journalism was titled 'Radio is dead'. Something that I'd heard numerous times, yet something that I just will not accept. During my introduction to that blog post in January last year, I explained how radio content is actually gaining more demand than ever before, but it is the way that we listen to it that is changing dramatically. Well, this year, a key aspect of radio has died.

Knowledge Without Borders

The times we live in are, by far, the greatest in history for information and data. To be able to connect to a comprehensive database of human knowledge, theories and services with a couple of clicks and keystrokes is an immense privilege that we cannot begin to fully appreciate. With access to the internet now in handheld form, the human species is well on its way to becoming a technologically-driven race which, for better or worse, would see more information than someone 500 years ago would only dream of seeing in five life-times.