Calories on menus- the impact of the ignorant and dangerous new government scheme

From the 6th of April calories have been posted on the menus of all restaurants, cafés and takeaways across the UK with more than 250 staff. This is despite concerns raised by eating disorder charity Beat about the risks that calorie labelling poses to people with eating disorders and the limited evidence that calorie labelling on menus will have its intended outcome.


The show I wish I had in Secondary School

For a lot of teenagers, secondary school is about making friends, exploring your talents and for some, it's a time when they begin to explore their sexuality.

Growing up in this generation, I've seen a lot of my friends go through the stages of exploring their sexuality, having boyfriends and girlfriends- and a lot of them coming out too. But when I watched the new Netflix teen LGBTQ drama series, Heartstopper, it really began to dawn on me how hard it is in this society to not only be accepted- but to accept yourself too.

I spoke to someone with a rare genetic condition and my whole outlook on life has changed

It’s very easy to forget sometimes that often the ‘simple’ things in life that we take for granted, someone else is wishing for. And when you put these ‘simple’ things into perspective, you soon realise how precious and invaluable they are, such as the ability to walk.