Cfj bonding exercise

Hey guys,

So crazy rich Asians has come out in cinema and everyone is raving about it!

So Wednesday 19th September 7pm at the dockyard cinema some of the third years are going and I though why not invite everyone!

So you’re all invited, it’d be nice to have a Journalism night out!

Message me on fb if you want to come

Love from an Asian

Cat =^.^=

WELCOME to our international students

 We all hope you have a great time here in the CFJ.

To start off the term in style, we will be holding an International Tea Party on WEDNESDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER at 1.15pm in the small newsroom. We hope you will all join us. It will be a good opportunity to relax and to meet Lesley (International student advisor) as well as Laerke and Sri, your International student mentors.

Malta-UK relations will remain close after Brexit: former Maltese FM Tonio Borg

The former Maltese foreign minister Tonio Borg says the relations between Malta and the United Kingdom will remain close and strong for "historical, commercial and strategic reasons" after the complete withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.

Tonio Borg says the English language is still an official language and the majority of tourists to Malta come from the UK, even though Brexit means Malta loses an ally and friend within the EU.