My sister and Autism

‘Neurotypical’ is one word which could possibly be used to describe me. It is an abbreviation of neurologically typical, a neologism created and used within the autistic community. A quick Google search of the word throws up the definition “not displaying or characterised by autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behaviour.” Put simply, it means that I’m what the world has socialised us to believe is ‘normal’ – although this term should be used loosely and with caution. Is anyone actually normal? What even is normal?

Technology development in Ghana.

With an exponential growth of humans and pollution causing the premature death of our beloved earth, the expectancy of life improvement for the less wealthy seems to have no room at all.

In an economic system set up for rich to enrich themselves and poor to pauperise, the scenario seems even more drastic for the so called third world countries which includes Ghana.