Calling all our international students!

Welcome back from your long vacation. Here's hoping you had a great time.

Next  week we will be welcoming all our new students. Would YOU like to be one of our international student mentors helping the international student adviser? It is not hard work but is a really worthwhile role. We have many new international  students who may apppreciate being able to talk to someone who already  knows their way around in the CFJ and the university.

Book Recommendation: Czechoslovak Political Prisoners

"Czechoslovak Political Prisoners: Life Stories of 5 Male and 5 Female Victims of Stalinism" is a 2016 book by Czech writers Tomáš Bouška and Klára Pinerová, detailing the life and ordeal of ten distinguished political prisoners from the former Central European state Czechoslovakia, published by the Brno-based publisher Knihovnicka.

"Jan Palach" screened during the Congress of Young Europeans

The 2018 biographical film "Jan Palach" directed by the Czech filmmaker Robert Sedlacek has been screened on the second day of the Congress of Young Europeans in Prague. 
The 124-minute movie was officially premiered on 21st August in Czech Republic. Its director, Robert Sedlacek is a distinguished screenwriter who has studied documentary film at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and is known for his political documentaries. 

What is it like to be an international student at the Centre for Journalism?

Moving to a different country for university sounds super scary doesn't it? If you're getting ready for the start of uni and feeling a bit worried, don't be! We pride ourselves in having excellent international students study with us. They come from all over the world and bring the stories of their countries with them. Want to hear what they have to say about their time at the Centre for Journalism? We've made an interactive map for you to play with!!!