Uncomfortable Home Truths Begin to Surface for Scolari

A quick glance at the 0-0 score line gives the impression that this game was a closely fought affair; It was anything but. Chelsea created a whole host of chances but again looked lacking in ideas at home, a worrying trend that is growing more noticeable as the season progresses.

Is she right for the job?

Times columnist Bronwen Maddox has stated that she does not think Hillary Clinton would be Obama's best option for the US Secretary of State, as he would never be able to get rid of her.

Clinton's knowledge of foreign policy and her ability to perform in the position are not what is being called into question in this case, rather the problem is that the pair have very different views and although her experience as a Senator in New York makes her more than capable, she would not actually assist Obama as president.

Art and Africa

Kat was complaining (again!) because the blogs are a bit slow this week. I thought I’d be a doll and punch this out… Hopefully I’ll get so engrossed in it that I’ll forget just how frozen my feet are and how much the mold on my wall is spreading in this adorable student housing. (Insert sympathy here)