4 things to consider before moving out for university

Now that you have the grades you need for your top choice (or any choice) of university, what's next? Before you try to cram everything from your bedroom into five different suitcases, you should make sure whether moving out to study is the best choice for you.

Now I am not talking about whether you can cook the tastiest, finest meals or simply whipping up some Instant Noodles, or even being the cleanest, most organised person that you may or may not be. 

Why researching your products is vital for your life!

For many, shopping is a getaway to heaven. From grocery to clothing stores, people find themselves in various purchases. However, not many people really know what exactly they are spending their money on.

It is vital to always make sure you check thoroughly on the internet whether the product is trustworthy or not, before you splurge any money on a product, or worse you end up with something that it doesn’t fit your expectations.

Gin and Tonic: an intoxicating alcoholic beverage

Let me recall... I must have had my first drink six years ago, so how old were you guys when you first started drinking?
I remember the first drink I had was a bottled cocktail that was about 3% volume. At the time, I didn't have a good understanding of alcohol, and I even stupidly thought that drinking was adult behaviour, so it was cool, but it was really childish. I tried whiskey, wine, vodka, sake... But above all, Gin became my favourite.