More on ePaper: CNN video

Two reasons for checking out this video from CNN. One is for an update on developments in epaper that might ultimately have some impact on the newspaper trade. The other is the ludicrously overblown reporting style that horribly blurs the distinction between journalism and PR. Still, at least he's written to the pictures in his intro...

Is John Sergeant Journalism's New Talent Magnet?

I am old enough to remember John Sergeant as a formidable political editor who knew his subject intimately and shared his wisdom generously. Nick Hopkins of the Guardian thinks he will be remembered for performances only slightly less agile than his microphone handling on the day Lady Thatcher failed to win the first round of the 1990 Conservative leadership ballot.

Obama - revolution or deception?

"Sometimes I feel so happy,
Sometimes I feel so sad.
Sometimes I feel so happy,
But mostly you just make me mad."

Velvet Underground

was a moment many considered to be a sink or swim, do or die, vote or
perish moment - the election of 08. The legendary face-off between the
old, traditionalist, veteran, republican and the new, changelicious,
YES WE CAN, revolutionary. There hadn't been so much fuss over an
election since Kennedy (rightly and weirdly connected to Obama, again)