We Saw Spain Die

I had a chance to read Paul Preston's We Saw Spain Die over the weekend.  It is excellent and very relevant to your History of Journalism essay topic. I have put my personal copy in the newsroom. Feel free to use it but NOT to remove it.  I have ordered an additional copy. When it arrives I will put it in the same place on the same basis i.e. newsroom use only. It is available only in hardback at the moment and costs £20 at Waterstones and a little less on Amazon.  

Tone deaf Diana wails yet wows

Many thought Jon Anderson, Morrissey, Patrick Stump and Susanna Hoffs were bad - and they weren't even competing on a talent show. They were just performing to their abilities (or lack of them) for the joy of it.

Now it seems people like singer Diana Vickers, via a highly commercial enterprise, are succeeding through image and "originality" instead. Not that many celebrities don't, because that is there role. But, the realisation that talent is being utterly destroyed by entertainment is grossly apparent.

Uncomfortable Home Truths Begin to Surface for Scolari

A quick glance at the 0-0 score line gives the impression that this game was a closely fought affair; It was anything but. Chelsea created a whole host of chances but again looked lacking in ideas at home, a worrying trend that is growing more noticeable as the season progresses.