The top rock songs/ballads

Here are just 137 of my favourite rock songs and (rock) ballads. Apart from the first one, the rest are in no particular order.

Please feel free to debate/disagree, discuss and add to the list etc. To be honest, I could have added hundreds more.

Are these good choices? Could they be better? Do they inspire you? Do you have instances, images in your head when you think of, or sing them? Are these the types of songs which can entertain a nation, compared to what the current music scene offers today?

Recalled books

I realise that everyone's trying to get hold of the books that we need for our essay, and have therefore been reserving books from the library. The two books that have been recalled of mine are not going to be taken back until a couple of weeks after our essay has been completed. So sorry to whoever wanted them...

'It's Been 14 Years...'

‘Of silence, its been 14 years of pain, It's been 14 years that are gone forever, And I'll never have again…’

The lyrics above are taken from the Guns N’ Roses track ‘14 Years’ and sum up quite aptly what die-hard GNR fans have experienced waiting for Axl Rose to unleash his oft-delayed album, Chinese Democracy.