January striker transfers

It is that time of year again where football managers delve in to their pockets and pick out who they feel could add a certain reliability or panache to their squad in the January transfer window. With Manchester City's billionaire Arab owners, Abu Dhabi, expecting to provide significant outlay for possible purchases, the blue half of Manchester are anticipated to be the biggest spenders with world stars including AC Milan's Kaka, Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Chelsea's John Terry all rumoured to be joining Eastlands.

Eyes on '09

No-one could have predicted the events of 2008, but The Economist's predictions for next year (the world in 2009), got me thinking: what will be the big stories next year? And beyond that, what are the most important stories to me that will be taking place in the coming 12 months?

For me, the biggest story will be taking place almost twelve months from now, in Copenhagen.

Flight map

This is an animation showing all the commercial flights taking place on earth over a 24-hour period.

It's 72 seconds long (quite boring) but if you grab the tab and move it you can see how the concentration of flights changes with the movement of the sun across the earth's surface.

Geeky, I know, but fun.

The Smiths: Return of the charming men?

For you old lecturer croneys out there (naming no names Ian and Richard) :)...

The Smiths have a lot to answer for in music. If not just for Stephen Patrick Morrissey's (or Morrissey as he is better known) hair, vulgar nylon shirts, dubious dancing and discordant vocal, but their ability to stand out from the crowd upon their inception.